DJ SWB Mixtape DVD The Godfathers Hovito Frank White Esco Jay-Z Nas Notorious B.I.G.
DJ SWB Promotional DVD Mixtapes - Volume 4 is hosted by Jim Jones and Paul Wall
DJ SWB presents Nas Biggie and Jay-Z The Godfathers DJ SWB Promotional DVD Mixtapes Video Mixes Nas Biggie and Jay-Z The Godfathers
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The Godfathers Starring Hovito, Frank White, and Esco (Trailer)

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After multiple successful award shows, concerts, and touring the world,
DJ SWB is back with another hip-hop classic!

DJ SWB presents The Godfathers, starring Hovito (Jay-z), Frank White
(Biggie) and Esco (Nas). Relive the glory years of hip-hop with three of
the best MCs to ever hit this earth. This DVD is a non-stop, high
quality, 90 minute video mix that showcases the lyrical prowress of
"The Godfathers" of hip-hop. DJ SWB makes hip hop fans dreams come
true as he seemlessly blends classic audio and visuals together to
create a whole new experience with some of the greatest videos/songs
ever recorded.

Key DVD Features
- Limited Collector's Edition
- 100% DVD Quality Videos
- DVD Length: 97 Minutes
- Never Before Seen Jay-z Interview from 1996
- Nothing Was Taped From TV

- Official Quality DVD that will work in ANY DVD Player

- 40+ New DJ SWB Video Mixes
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01. The Godfathers Intro
02. Hovito – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
03. Esco – Quick To Back Down
04. Hovito – What More Can You Say
05. Frank White – Spit Ya Game
06. Esco – Just A Moment
07. Hovito – Where I'm From
08. Esco – Got Yourself A Gun
09. Frank White – Warning
10. Hovito – Can't Knock The Hustle
11. Hovito – Money Aint A Thang
12. Esco – Hate Me Now
13. Esco – If I Ruled The World
14. Hovito – Who Ya Wit
15. Hovito – Best of Me
16. Esco – Blindfold Me
17. Frank White – One More Chance
18. Hovito – Give It 2 Me (XXX uncensored)
19. Esco – Made You Look
20. Hovito – What We Do
21. Esco – Nas Is Like
22. Esco – It's Mine
23. Esco – The World Is Yours
24. Hovito – Dead Presidents
25. Hovito – 99 Problems
26. Esco – Thief's Theme
27. Frank White – Hypnotize
28. Esco – One Mic
29. Hovito – Bonnie & Clyde
30. Frank White – Big Poppa
31. Hovito – Song Cry
32. Frank White – Mo Money Mo Problems
33. Hovito – Change Clothes
34. Hovito – Face Off (XXX Uncensored)
35. Frank White – Nasty Girl
36. Hovito – Encore
37. Hovito – Show Me What U Got
38. Esco – Hip-Hop Is Dead
39. Esco – Owe Me Back
40. Frank White – Juicy
41. Esco – I can
42. Esco – Street Dreams
43. Esco – One Love

BONUS: Big Murph's Never Before Seen Jay-z Interview from 1996
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